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Starting a credit repair business can be a scary task: laws, compliance, scammers, and so on. It doesn't have to be anymore!

This 42 pages eBook will show you exactly everything that you need to know to jumpStart your credit repair business.

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Joshua Carmona has been an unmistakable leader in the credit repair industry for many years. He has combined three decades of technology, automotive executive management, enterprise sales, enterprise customer service, business coaching, and enterprise level credit repair experience; and he has used it to
empower hundreds of entrepreneurs, in multiple verticals, by helping them find their path to success.

Joshua has applied his vast process knowledge and experience by creating Scoreinc. com’s World Class Dispute Process, based on his “Technical Factual Dispute Methodology.” He is the CEO of, founder of the acclaimed, creator of ScoreWay Credit Repair University, creator of ScoreCEO and consultant to thousands of credit repair businesses in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. When he was in the credit repair retail space, his business managed over 3,000 clients per month. Joshua has trained hundreds of companies in his “Technical Factual Dispute Methodology.”

Joshua is an Infusionsoft Elite Forum Graduate, and has also trained with Joe Verde Group, Disney Institute (World Class Customer Service, Toyota Excellence Program) Graduate, Microsoft Business Consultant, IBM Best Team Engineer, US Army (Infantry Officer), and has achieved his FCRA and CROA certifications. As GM for FG Auto Corp (dba Autoland) in 2004, he was responsible for increasing revenue 300 percent from $25 million to $104 million per year in just two years.
With his specific set of skills and experience building, successful businesses — with some entrepreneurial failures — Joshua has come full circle. He truly understands what it takes to create, build, manage, and prosper as an entrepreneur.

Joshua was born and raised in New York and currently resides in Puerto Rico. He is the proud father of a 17-year-old daughter and is happily married to Ariana, his life partner of 15+ years.
  What People Are Saying:
"...This eBook Really Worked For Me!"
"Being over 10 years in the credit repair industry having a simple guide to help understand the correct dispute process has helped me moved forward inside the industry."
Ariana Almodovar, 35 - Florida
"...You Won't Believe Til You See It!"
"This is the way teaches their team members on how to be complaint and successful. We take 2 weeks to really envelop into the dispute process. ScoreWay: The Only Way"
Yomayra Rivera, 36 - Puerto Rico
"...I'm So Thankful for this eBook!"
"Since the beginning of the company Joshua's methods have been proven. There is no coincidence that has been in business for over 8 years, helping companies succeed. "
Jasmine Burgos, 30 - Connecticut
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